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We're responsible for:


  • Commenting on planning application(s)

  • Village notice board

  • General maintenance around the village. including various village assets   and emptying of litter/dog bin(s)

  • Liaison with outside organisations

NEW solar bollards - We have been successful in our quest to improve the junction/ demarcation at the A149/North Walsham Road and have been awarded full funding from the NCC Parish Partnership Scheme for additional solar bollards at this

junction.  Thank you again to the support of our County Councillor - Ed Maxfield who also supported the previous successful application to install 2 new solar bollards located at the Southrepps/A149 junction.  This project ran into difficulties when we were faced with a road closure cost from Highways.  The Parish Council would like to thank Ed Maxfield our County Councillor for his financial contribution and support.. 

Precept for 24-25 - the Council resolved to increase the Precept request by £200.

NEW Defibrillator - we finally found a location for the long awaited village defibrillator and we thank Mr and Mrs Jones for allowing the Council to site this unit on their land.

It is hoped that this will become operational shortly.

SAM2 Figures and Information

The Community were concerned with speeding through the village and the Council invested funds and purchased a SAM2 unit.  This unit is moved every 4 weeks by Councillors to pre-determined locations set out by the County Council Highways Team.  The figures are recorded and the outcomes recently provided information which indicated that the average speed through the village is 33-34mph.  Although this is slightly above the 30mph restriction it highlights that SAM2 is doing its job and reminding drivers of the limit.  There are times when there are "blips" with high speeds being recorded, however these are extremely minimal.

Antingham Village Sign

We hope that you are all pleased to see the new village sign in situ. The Council would like to thank Stuart Paramor - for the enormous personal work he has put into this project. We would also like to thank the volunteers in whatever way they helped for this achievement.  The new sign looks magnificent and now sits proud on the junction of the Southrepps Road.

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